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Vedu has emerged as one the best movie and TV show streaming providers in video streaming apps. The app provides video streaming at a very high resolution, up to 4k. Almost all the world’s best television channels and programs are covered in this application. This app does not require a subscription like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming apps. You can use the app after downloading it without subscribing to it. This app gives you access to all your favorite programs without the hustle and bustle.

Moreover, the video and audio qualities of the app are excellent and satisfactory. Due to these reasons, Vedu APK is gaining immense popularity and is one of the most searched and used applications recently. Several other features make it unique and different from other streaming applications. We will mention and discuss all these features in this article. 

What is Vedu APK?

It is a video player application for Androids where you can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, series, serials, biographies, and much more for free and without registration. You can even explore many books from here. This app can support all types of video formats from high definition up to 4k videos. All the video formats, including MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI, and many others, are supported by Vedu APK. 

Though this app provides streaming of all genres, it is mainly considered a free movie app. You can easily find any movie from any part of the world here. This app turns your cell phone into a mini cinema where you can watch all your favorite movies in HD quality. The only difference between this app and the cinema is that you have to spend money to buy tickets to watch your favorite movies in the cinema. At the same time, this application provides free access to your desired movies. Also, this app is much more flexible than the cinema, as you can watch movies anytime and from anywhere. 

This app also functions as a video downloader. You can easily download movies or any other video using Vedu APK. The application contains one of the most significant collections of film and TV shows from all corners of the world. Not only the latest movies, film reviews, trailers of all the upcoming movies, details, posters, and all the other details related to film can easily be found on this platform. 

More About the Vedu APK

As the app contains movies from all over the world, subtitles are also available on the platform so that maximum users may get an advantage from the app. You can watch movies with subtitles in more than 30 languages worldwide. So it does not matter where you belong. You can access international content in your local language. Androids, IOS, MAC OS X, Windows, Chromecast, and all the other devices or operating systems support this application. However, the application is particularly becoming famous on androids. 

What makes this application the most famous is its flexibility and versatility. You can enjoy a massive collection of videos here without any interruption. All types of movies, including action, historical, fiction, romantic, comedy, and all the other genres, can easily be found on this platform. You can also download these movies to watch later or before going somewhere where the internet is not available. The downloaded movies and videos are directly saved on your smartphone. 

Features of Vedu APK

Supports all the Video Formats

This application supports video formats of all types. High definition, full high definition, and 4K videos, every arrangement is supported by Vedu. It means you can be reassured about the format of your desired video here. 

High-Definition Quality

There is no compromise with the quality of the streaming. It’s not only about the video quality. The audio quality of the app is also excellent and unmatchable. 


Subtitles are available in more than 30 different languages. You can enjoy movies and TV shows from all worldwide with complete understanding. SRT, SSA, and SSA are examples of subtitles used in this app. More interestingly, you can choose the font size and color of the subtitles according to your choice.

User-Friendly Interface

This app is also known for its excellent and captivating user interface. You can easily navigate through the app without mixing up anything. You can easily use this app even if you have never used any video streaming app. 


The app can be used with any device with any operating system. The app also offers many subscription plans. If you are interested, you can choose any; if you are not, you can leave them. 

Other features

  • Download movies for free
  • No registration needed
  • Movies and TV shows in an extensive collection
  • Impressive performance
  • No advertising in the app
  • Easily accessible


Our new generation prefers to stream everything on their smartphones instead. With the introduction of thousands of streaming apps for Androids and other devices, the concept of the traditional method of streaming on television screens is becoming narrower day by day. Nowadays, thousands of streaming applications, each for a purpose, are available in the market. Vedu APK is one of them, which is brilliant for watching movies of all kinds. You can only find a good app like Vedu to watch your favorite movies. This app contains the most extensive collection of films worldwide, supports multiple video formats, provides high resolution, and has subtitles in several languages. In addition, these movies can also be downloaded with ease and for free. If you are a movie lover, you should not even consider downloading this app for a second also, you can check out Pikashow APK and USTVGO APK for more TV show streaming.

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