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Soccer is one of the most played and favorite hot sports all around the world. Millions of football fans worldwide are desperate to quench their thirst for soccer by playing soccer-related video games. On the internet, one can find thousands of soccer video games, including many on-field and high-resolution draft games. FIFA is one of the most popular football leagues loved by millions of people, and even the FIFA video game has millions of players worldwide. Here, we will introduce you to one of the best FIFA draft and pack opener games, FUT Draft 23 APK, where you can unlock your favorite players and make the best formation of your choice to compete with the world’s best teams.  

About FUT Draft 23

FUT draft 23 is the ultimate FIFA draft and pack opener game with all the real-life trending players of the soccer world. The game has practice and draft modes with many interesting features. The draft mode will allow you to unlock the different players and assemble them in the best possible formation according to their skill to win the match. The article will highlight some key features of FUT draft 23 and the user guide.

How to Play FUT Draft 23

FUT Draft 23 is unlike a casual soccer video game involving the actual on-field football match where you can control the player’s movements. On the other hand, the game provides access to hundreds of trending football player’s cards, including Ronaldo, Sadio, Karim, Saleh, and many others. Unlock these players one by one once you have enough gold coins, or you can also exchange the playing cards with your friends to unlock your favorite player.

FUT Draft 23 Apk

FUT Draft In-Game 

Whenever you start the game, you will have six draft options that you can choose according to your choice. All these drafts have distinctive features and player cards that make this game more interesting and addictive.

Classic Draft

For new players, the Classis draft is the most basic draft type recommended. It contains player items ranging from common to special and rare.

World Cup Draft

This is the special version of the FUT draft with WorldCup 2023 player cards and items.

Special Item Draft:

This is the rare draft of FUT 23 with special items and player cards.

EFIGS Draft:

This draft contains top players from all the trending leagues of the world.

83+ Rated Draft:

This one is a premium draft with high-rated players only. The players in this pack are highly skilled and masters of their positions.

Silver Draft:

This draft has silver players and items only.

Bronze Draft: 

This draft version has players in the bronze category.

By selecting the draft of your choice, you will be asked to choose the formation of the players in order of defenders to forwards. Once done with the formation, you can select the position of each available player on the field. Make sure to match the player’s chemistry with the league and country, if possible. The higher the player’s chemistry, the stronger the coordination among the players and the more chances of winning. Once done with team formation, click on the play button, which will show the result within a second. The Ai system of the app will automatically detect if your team is strong enough to compete with the other best teams in the world and will reward you with the award prize.

Download Information

File Name fut 23
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Requirement Android 5 and Up


FUT Draft 23 is undoubtedly the best draft and pack opener game for soccer fans. The game can play a key role in developing the basics of soccer knowledge in the players, along with some advanced techniques and rules.