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Simulation games are becoming famous because of their realistic environment and exceptional features. Dragon City APK is one of these simulation games, which is particularly renowned among children and those who think creatively. In this game, you can create a city full of dragons and train them for different purposes. 

All about Dragon City Mod APK

This is the most exciting and fantastic simulation game where you can create a city on different islands full of dragons. You grow these dragons and train them for battles. You are the master who controls various dragons and strengthens them for fights. Player can easily beat your opponents on any battlefield if you teach them well and keep them healthy.

Growing and training your dragons takes a lot of work. You have to care about everything, including their food, rest, and many other circumstances. There is not only a single type of dragon in the city; the whole town is full of various dragons. You are responsible for all of them. You must be accountable enough to grow and adequately train your dragons. 

Dragon city mod apk is an online game where many players participate in a single match. It would help if you had the most trained and skilled dragons to compete with them. In the game, in addition to fighting with other dragons, you must protect your farms, buildings, protection shields, and habitats. It would help if you collected as many coins and gems as possible to train and upgrade your dragons to compete with difficult-level dragons. 

Top ten dragons in Dragons City Mod APK

Destiny Dragon :- 

It is the most dangerous dragon in the game. You can use this dragon to destroy any opponent quickly. On the other hand, you also need to grow and train the same dragon to compete with your opponents. 

Clarity Dragon :- 

It is also one of the most powerful dragons in the game. It is a clever and skilled dragon that can give you an edge against other dragons.

Big Fins Dragon :- 

Big fins dragon is listed as number three, but it can be as dangerous as the clarity dragon. This dragon is capable of significant damage at any level of the game.

Ride Dragon :- 

This dragon can withstand two of the most severe and dangerous attacks: Tesla Ray and Original pain. Both attacks are hazardous, and you can quickly clear any battlefield with these.

Grass Dragon :- 

Though it is not that powerful, it is one of the most skilled dragons in the game. You can initiate surprising attacks on your opponents with the help of this dragon.

Aquanaut Dragon :- 

It is a primal-type dragon, which is not that effective against powerful dragons but can be very dangerous for flame, war, and pure opponents. Original Pain, Whirlpool, and Deus Sword are some of the complex moves of the aquanaut dragon.

Juggler Dragon :- 

The basic skills of the juggler dragon could be more impressive, but it can still perform well in Sea, Light, Flame, and War opponents. Whirlpool and Beehive are two of the best moves of this dragon.

Chainmail Dragon :- 

This dragon is best against Terra, ice, and Nature elements. Keratin Brick’s break is its only dangerous move.

Snail Dragon :- 

It is a slow and cute dragon and a source to access Beehive and magma storms.

Iceberg Dragon :-

This Apk placed as number 10. It is not very dangerous but has some excellent skills and has more effective in lower levels of the game.

Features of Dragon City Mod APK

  • Dragon book
  • New dragons
  • Dragon skins
  • Full of adventure
  • Social game
  • It can be played on any device
  • Easily available
  • High-quality graphics
  • Smooth game
  • Easy to play
  • Multi-players game
  • Free of cost

Download Information:

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📲 File size 151.1 MB
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📱 Requirement  Android 5 and up


As we have provided you with all the necessary information about Dragon City mod APK in this article, you can decide whether to play this magical game. If you have heard about dragons and want to be familiar with them, it is the best game you can ever play. You grow and train your dragons to destroy your opponents. This is an exciting game that can even make you addicted.