Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk 1.7.0 – Unlimited Money


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Aug, 09, 2022
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In the casual game Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money), two armies of various animals engage in combat with one another. Players can lead an animal army in the battle Animal Revolt Battle Simulator. They will look for the level’s requirements and make an effort to achieve them while destroying the opponent. Multiple strong combinations of modern weapons and powerful beasts defeat potent foes at the same time. It’s an easy game: just send enemy forces into the field of battle, each composed of a different variety of monsters, and watch as they kill each other in a bloody conflict! You can pick from more than 70 different species. There are new ones introduced every two weeks. You can think of anything, including dinosaurs, fantastical creatures, mutant primates, and demonic monsters.

With this game, you may make your own monsters using the unit generator in addition to having funny battles. Make the changes you want to your creation. Do it your way since these are your monsters! Isn’t that amazing? Moreover, you have the option to join the battle in the first person and smash the opposing squad with all your might!

This game provides a fun and scary gaming experience. You can be sure that the encounters will be bloody while having fun creating an invincible beast. But the game is fun and never boring! Upon entering you start with an easy level that does not involve any difficult combat. However, it gets harder as the game progresses.

About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk:

In Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players take part in battles between different animals, going from bottom to top. Here, players demonstrate their tactical skills with animal warriors against other fearsome enemies. At the same time, you sometimes spend time thinking about why you need to meet the game screen requirements and win the level. It is a battle in which the player establishes a line of attack to destroy the enemy and complete the level. At the same time, the game environment is split into two parts, allowing you to see the enemies you encounter and setting the stage for tough battles. You can also choose soldiers and send different units into battle. It is important to not underrate this feature.

Once familiar with Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, players will discover different game modes that will change the experience. Of particular note is the first method, which has a different number of chapters in the campaign. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific animal fight, and of course, the levels to be completed in each chapter will increase over time. So obviously it will be a long journey to try to overcome it. In addition to the challenging campaign phases, you will also find sandbox modes in which there is a lot to discover. Sandbox mode often unleashes a player’s creativity as they can easily add whatever units they want. At the same time, players can arrange animal battles and see how they can compete with their opponents. It’s sure to be an interesting experience involving the weirdest things that can happen.

Main Features Of Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Battle Pass):

Following are the main features of Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk. You can easily able to use the twisty skills and the premium features. Get it free and enjoy.

  • Create Your Army: You must build your army in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator powerful enough to fight and defeat the forces of evil. There are no ads, so you can focus on the fight without any distractions. You can recruit all kinds of powerful creatures into your army: wyverns, hydras, Spartan warriors, dogs, giant worms, skeleton warriors, bears, elephants, rhinos, and more. You must choose your allies and prepare for battle.
  • Skill Funny Game: This isn’t your normal strategy game; it has a special twist in that it combines modern characters like magical animals with historical figures like dinosaurs. You will be in charge of placing the hero wherever you like during the battle. They will then engage the adversary on their own. In this game, you can use a fun strategy in which you can freely select the best soldiers to send to different locations and times.
  • Customize your Monster: You can design a monster in the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator to use against your adversaries. Weaponry and various body parts can be combined. You could even arm a dinosaur with powerful rocket launchers, crossbows, and cannons to see it wreak havoc. You can even use as many weapons and body parts as you like and put them wherever you desire!
  • Physics-based graphics: Travel back in time to meet legendary and endangered animals. Meet unusual monsters that show off their skills, and you might even realize your desires. This game will definitely delight you as you watch the character’s combat and see their limbs stretch, necks twist, bodies play around, and blood spilled everywhere!

Download Information:

File Name Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK
Version V1.7.0
File Type APK
File Size MB
Developer VDimension
Requirement Android 5.1


If you like challenging battles, you will love Animal Revolt Battle Simulator. You have to build the perfect weapon to withstand all problems. With daily campaigns and activities, you won’t miss it! It has excellent graphics and offers an unforgettable gaming experience. 

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